CCTV video of the assault shows Swati Maliwal leaving the home of Chief Minister Kejriwal

May 18, New Delhi On Saturday, a fresh video purporting to show Rajya Sabha MP for the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Swati Maliwal leaving Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s home went viral.

CCTV video from two cameras on May 13 shows a female security guard leading Maliwal out of the Delhi Chief Minister’s house. Maliwal is seen exerting pressure on the guards in an attempt to break free from her “grip.”

Maliwal said in her First Information Report that she was assaulted by CM Kerjiwal’s colleague, Bibhav Kumar, and had to leave the premises, leaving her in severe distress and in a “traumatized state.”

After going viral, the video gave a new perspective to the ‘assaultgate’ incident at the Delhi Chief Minister’s house and sparked a lot of discussion on social media.

Notably, AAP leader Atishi has said that Maliwal was brought to Kejriwal’s home for political purposes and was a “pawn” of the BJP.

Maliwal, nevertheless, has said that the CCTV tape was altered to present her in a negative manner.

Maliwal said in her FIR that Bibhav had assaulted her physically after verbally abusing her.

“He gave me at least seven or eight slaps while I was still screaming for assistance. I was so surprised that I could not stop shouting for help. I used my legs to push him away in an effort to defend myself,” Maliwal said.

In another account of the incident, she said, “At that moment, he aggressively attacked me, pulled my shirt up deliberately, causing the buttons to come undone, and my shirt flew up.”

“It was the center table that struck my skull as I collapsed. He would not stop, and I kept screaming for assistance as he kicked me in the chest, stomach, and pelvic region with his legs,” she said.

Questions regarding the event have been raised by the video’s release, which has renewed political agitation around the subject.

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