Chandragiri hosted a bike ride to raise voter awareness

Dr. G Lakshmisha, the collector and district election officer, urged young people who have turned eighteen to register as voters and exercise their right to vote on May 13 without fail.

He opened a bike rally in Chandragiri on Thursday night as part of the SVEEP (Systematic Voters’ Education and Electoral Participation) initiative. The ride went from the Prathyangira Ammavari shrine to Chandragiri Kota.

Participating were Tirupati RDO and Chandragiri ERO Nishanth Reddy, along with Tahsildars, MPDOs, Revenue officials, BLOs, and others. The Collector encouraged the participants this time around with phrases like “Ennikala Parvam – Desa Garvam,” “I Vote for Sure,” and so on. He also requested the secretariat personnel to inform voters in their boundaries to exercise their right to vote on May 13.

612 voting literacy clubs have been established across the region, and young people are being encouraged to register to vote and become aware of their right to do so by campus ambassadors. Since the Tirupati district was formed, general elections are being conducted for the first time, hence it is important to make sure that the voting turnout increases. The goal of SVEEP efforts is to get a poll percentage of more than 75%.

Lakshmisha said that in order to preserve democracy, each and every voter must use their right to vote and assist in ensuring that free and fair elections are held. This time, he posed for pictures and opened a photo booth that had been set up at Chandragiri Fort. He went to the Fort later.

Election observers would soon arrive in the district, the Collector said at a meeting with the election nodal officials held at the Collectorate. Everyone should be ready as they will review the daily reports from the nodal officials.

They must collaborate and carry out their responsibilities in a responsible manner. He requested that they run further voter education campaigns.

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