Chhattisgarh: Student Dies at Bilaspur College While Recording Instagram Reel

Chhattisgarh: Student Dies at Bilaspur College While Recording Instagram Reel

In the Bilaspur district of Chhattisgarh, a 20-year-old guy died after falling while shooting for an Instagram video with pals. This was reported by police on Saturday.

The event was recorded on mobile devices by the dead man's pals, who were present at Government Science College in Bilaspur town on Friday afternoon, according to an official.

Ashutosh Sao, a first-year Bachelor of Science student, and five of his pals went to the terrace of the ground-plus-one floor college building to film clips for Instagram, according to preliminary information.

Sao went onto a window slab and leapt the terrace's perimeter wall in order to be videotaped, but he slipped and fell from a height of 20 feet, according to the official.

According to him, the victim had brain injuries and passed away immediately.

According to him, the police have reported an unintentional fatality and are continuing their investigation.

Santosh Singh, the superintendent of police in Bilaspur, tweeted a video showing Sao and his buddies discussing making a reel immediately before the event on the terrace along with a warning message urging others not to take such risks.

In the video, Sao can be heard stating, "If I jump from here to there (another window shed), I will not be able to return," as she leaps onto the window slab. He hears his buddy respond, "You will," to this (come back). I'm producing a video. The SP posted on Twitter, saying, "A kid (in Orange T-shirt) fell while creating Instagram reels with pals in Bilaspur Science College campus. He was beyond saving. An investigation into the event is ongoing. Always be on the alert. Put safety first.