Chief of NC Farooq: PM Modi is dividing the country to maintain his power

President of the National Conference Farooq Abdullah accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of attempting to split the country in order to maintain his position of authority, saying the PM should keep in mind that the nation would endure even if he lost it.

Following a public demonstration in the Shangus neighborhood of Anantnag, south Kashmir, Abdullah told reporters, “We have to live together.” The country has to be saved. To ensure a brighter future, we must cooperate. For his chair, he (Modi) is attempting to split the country. Regretfully, the chair leaves, but the country continues to exist. Abdullah said, “The nation he is trying to make is going to be destructive.”

The NC president said, “I am not playing religious cards,” when asked about accusations made against him that he was doing so. We learn excellent things from our faith. There is nothing wrong with any faith. Those who misuse it are the evil ones.

How does Modi operate? Does he not visit and stay at the Ram temple? What does he want to convey? Is he not the source of that agitation, that animosity? Does Ram mean just Hindus? Ram was vishwa, or the world’s Ram; he was not only for Hindus. The ex-CM said, “He is a part of everyone.

The NC leader said that the BJP is trying to conceal the truth about the fire at the income tax office in Delhi since they are aware that they are losing the elections. Indeed, it has been ignited. Did you fail to notice that? You need to observe that. The video has gone viral, particularly the section where all of the data was located on their laptops and leaders. Why did they burn? Since they are aware that they are losing and that these items will be used against them the next day,” he added.

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