Cong governments kept India under Maoist control for decades: PM

Prime Minister Narendra Modi attacked the Congress regimes for allegedly dragging the nation into decades of Naxalism during his first political rally in Varanasi after the filing of his candidacy for the Lok Sabha elections. He promised to prevent Jharkhand from turning into a Naxalite stronghold and promised to quickly end the slaughter in the tribal belt.

Modi claims that the Left, the JMM, and the Congress are to blame for all problems, including nepotism and corruption. He pledged to eradicate these issues from the nation.

Modi attacked the inept Congress administrations for not only fanning the flames of Naxalism but also shattering the hopes of innumerable mothers. According to him, “youths who joined Naxalism ruined not only themselves and their families but also made their mothers cry for the rest of their lives.”

The BJP administration in power has strengthened its grip on incidents of Naxal violence. “Unse takrana aata hai, modi ko chunautiyon ko taalna nahi… aur jab hausle buland ho, to bade se bade chunauti ko bhi jhukan padta hai.” (Modi takes on issues head-on; he doesn’t duck them. Even the toughest obstacles will yield to a strong spirit,” Modi said.

“I guarantee from this stage that whether it is terrorism or Naxalism, Modi has taken a pledge to strike harder on them during his third term,” Modi remarked, highlighting the limited extent of Naxalism.

Modi reaffirmed his pledge, saying that he guarantees the days are coming when the whole tribal belt would be freed from violence.

In addition, Modi claimed that the money taken from Congress leaders’ homes had been stolen on the royal family’s instructions from the Jharkhandi people.

“All issues, including nepotism and corruption, stem from the JMM, Congress, and Left parties. “I will rid the nation of all these problems,” the prime minister declared.

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