Congress and AAP working together would guarantee my victory by an unprecedented margin: Manish Tewari

Manish Tewari, the candidate for the INDIA bloc, said today that he would win the Chandigarh parliamentary seat by an unprecedented margin.

“We (the India bloc) will win with a record margin with complete synergy between Congress and Aam Aadmi Party leaders and workers in Chandigarh,” Tewari said during a conversation here today. “It is official: India will secure the Chandigarh seat with a minimum of one lakh votes.”

Referencing data from the December 2021 Municipal Corporation elections, in which the combined vote share of the Congress and AAP was 58%, while the BJP’s share was 27%, he said that the BJP is far short of the winning margin.

Tewari said, “That is precisely what I mean to say that while we got 58% vote share together in the MC elections, we will take it beyond 60% this time as parliamentary elections are completely different ballgame,” when informed that the MC and parliamentary elections were not the same.

Tewari had earlier in the day hosted a large gathering of Chandigarh residents at his ancestral house in Sector 4. He thanked everyone for their unwavering support, which has boosted his self-esteem. Tewari paid his respects at Nirankari Mission as well.

The Dhawan family endorses a cause

The relatives of late AAP leader Harmohan Dhawan joined Tewari’s campaign today. Bikram Dhawan, the late Harmohan’s son, arranged an AAP workers’ gathering at his home, which was attended by a number of party members, leaders, and councillors.

Speaking at the gathering, Dhawan expressed the city’s immense pleasure that a seasoned lawmaker will be representing it in Parliament. Tewari conveyed his appreciation to the Dhawan family and AAP employees at the event. He said that the extraordinary zeal of AAP employees had further bolstered his campaign.

For every impoverished household, Rs 1L

Speaking at a public gathering in Mani Majra, Tewari restated his party’s pledge to provide every impoverished family Rs 1 lakh annually and to ensure employment for recent graduates and certificate holders.

Ram Darbar’s foot march

A big number of people attended the Tewari-supporting foot march at Ram Darbar, including Congress and AAP employees. Neha Musawat, an AAP councilor from Ram Darbar, said that the BJP is trying to seize power by using the incorrect strategies.

“Inflation is rising, unemployment is rising, the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer, and the BJP is only working towards destroying democracy instead of working for the people,” Musawat said.

Tewari will submit his nomination today.

Manish Tewari, the nominee for the INDIA bloc, will submit his candidacy paperwork on Tuesday. At 11 a.m., he and his supporters will gather in front of the SBI headquarters in Sector 17. They will then march in the direction of the DC office in Sector 17 to file the paperwork. In contrast to the BJP’s vehicle and motorcycle roadshow, the Congress is planning a padayatra that is anticipated to draw 5,000 participants. Leaders of the AAP and Congress will march in support of the cause. TNS

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