Following its ‘attack’ on Kanhaiya Kumar, the Congress denounces the BJP for using violence as a means of retaliation

The BJP was criticized by the Congress on Saturday for “resorting to violence” and “attacking” Kanhaiya Kumar, their candidate for North East Delhi. The Congress said this demonstrated the saffron party’s unease “in the face of a historic defeat” in the Lok Sabha elections.

“The BJP MP from North East Delhi has now turned to hooliganism out of fear of losing. Recall that the Congress party is not Godse-wadi, but Gandhian. Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh said in a post on X that “those who fight for justice, not those who fear, are our identity.”

“The BJP is uneasy—from an ordinary MP to the prime minister, from the North to the South. On June 4, they will be destroyed,” he said, tagging “DaroMat.”

On Friday, several residents of the constituency reportedly attacked and threatened Kumar with ink.

The incident occurred while he was leaving a party meeting with local councillor Chhaya Sharma in the New Usmanpur neighborhood, outside the AAP headquarters.

K C Venugopal, another general secretary of the AICC, said, “The BJP is once again resorting to its usual attitude of thuggery and violence in the face of a historic defeat.”

“The cowardly attack by BJP goons on our North East Delhi candidate Kanhaiya kumar is highly deplorable and shows their desperation,” he said.

“They need to understand that Kanhaiya is a Congress ‘babbar sher,’ and that such pitiful deeds won’t faze him. Venugopal said, “All the INDIA alliance workers stand by him against the dirty tactics of this criminal and fascist regime.”

“A person who has been an MP twice and the president of the state unit of BJP should at least understand that there are wins and losses in elections,” said Pawan Khera, spokesman for the Congress and head of the department of media and publicity.

“By resorting to violence like this, Manoj Tiwari will not be able to convert his defeat into victory, but yes he will definitely defeat democracy,” Khera said.

Moreover, Kumar made the following statement during a news conference in Delhi: “I am doing this press conference to ensure that democracy is protected, and the Constitution is protected.”

“The nation is going through an election process. The Election Commission is in charge of overseeing the impartial conduct of elections. I have no concerns regarding my personal safety. “I am a Bihari by birth, and I have always struggled,” the Congress candidate said.

Councillor Sharma filed a complaint alleging that “some people came and garland Kanhaiya Kumar.” Some attempted to attack Kanhaiya Kumar and splashed ink on him after garlanding him.”

According to the allegation, they misbehaved and intimidated Sharma when she sought to step in.

In a statement, Kanhaiya claimed that Manoj Tiwari, his opponent for the seat, had organized the assault.

He said that Tiwari, the current MP, dispatched “goons” to assault him because he was angry about his growing popularity.

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