Congress made the deliberate choice to run candidates for smaller seats in order to maintain opposition: Kharge

According to Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge, the party purposefully ran for fewer seats in the Lok Sabha as part of a plan to beat the BJP and preserve the Indian bloc.

He said in an interview with PTI that the “compromise was struck to ensure the victory of the united opposition while giving space to other parties that have strengths in different parts of the country” and that this does not show “under-confidence” on the part of the party.

In addition, Kharge defended Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s choice to not run for office by calling her a “asset” and a well-known campaigner.

When asked which seat Rahul Gandhi should give up if he wins both Rae Bareli and Wayanad, Kharge said that it was up to him.

We have consciously chosen to run for fewer seats than before. We have reached this compromise in order to maintain the unity of the coalition partners,” he told PTI.

Kharge added that after talks with other like-minded parties, the Congress has established a committee to create alliances in each state.

This tactic was endorsed by the party high leadership. Every state has participated in discussions, he added.

With just 328 seats up for grabs, the Congress is fighting fewer seats than in the past, giving the other opposition parties in the INDIA bloc more over 200 seats.

He remarked, “There is no disunity in fighting against the central government,” in reference to the several coalition partners engaged in conflict in states like as Kerala, Bengal, and Punjab. We are battling in the states because, in some, both INDIA parties are crucial; in other areas, the BJP will gain.

The leader of the Congress said that while each state has its own coalition, “we are all fighting against the ideology of the BJP and Modi ji.”

“The parties have chosen a well-considered course of action that serves the interests of the country,” he said.

In response to the query that opposition figures such as Rahul Gandhi, Akhilesh Yadav, and Arvind Kejriwal are not even in agreement when it comes to projecting the NDA’s membership, he said that each leader has an own opinion.

“Because I am well-versed in the area, I am able to conduct accurate assessments in Karnataka. Different stages give rise to different kinds of feedback.

But as I have said, the INDIA coalition has the necessary numbers, and we will prevent the BJP from taking office. We will stop the BJP from acquiring power.

Kharge, however, remained evasive in his response to Akhilesh Yadav of the SP, who said that the CBI and ED should be outlawed since they are unnecessary.

“We will study every legislation if our government shows up. We will not stand for harassment tactics of any kind. Nobody else has followed the BJP’s lead in abusing investigation agencies. He said, “Probes and appropriate inquiries are needed, but the BJP is fabricating evidence, filing cases, and locking people up.

In addition, he questioned the rationale of the opposition leaders’ incarceration prior to the elections.

“Given their ten years in power, why didn’t they arrest them sooner? While elections are underway, local leaders are facing threats, harassment, and imprisonment, preventing them from participating in the campaign.

“The BJP is not maintaining a level playing field because opposition leaders are facing threats.” The Speaker of the Rajya Sabha said, “These things are not good for a democracy and an authoritarian rule is being implemented.”

He defended Priyanka Gandhi’s choice to not run for office by stating that Sonia, Rahul, and she made that decision.

He remarked that Sonia Gandhi, who has been in politics for thirty years, understands who should run from where.

“As Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi are our leading advocates, they are also our stars since Sonia Gandhi ji is not doing well. Thousands of people gather to hear them because they are in demand.

They are both our assets, and if we spend all we own in one location, what about other people? After all, they also need to aid others. Whatever choice they have made, we applaud it,” the head of Congress said.

He said, “It is Rahul Gandhi’s individual decision and he will take a call on this,” when asked which seat Rahul should keep if he wins both Wayanad and Raebareli.

He also defended the decision of a number of party heavyweights to abstain from running for office, claiming that some had participated in assembly elections and that it was their plan to force their own candidates to run in their stead.

Furthermore, in order to effectively campaign for the party in the national election, we also need top leaders to travel the nation. We can’t expect everyone to participate. We are supporting those who are running, but those who decide the party’s election strategy are just as crucial,” he said.

The head of the Congress Party said that the BJP was “suppressing democracy and opposing the Constitution,” adding that this is why the election matters to all age groups, print and broadcast media, and even users of social media.

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