Congressman Manohar Lal Khattar fears losing

During his speech at the “Vijay Sankalp” rally in Kalanaur today, former chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar attacked the Congress vehemently and attempted to corner it over “dynastic” politics and corruption.

For two reasons, he said, the Congress was both anxious and desperate. First of all, despite dominating the nation for many decades, the Congress was unable to accomplish the kind of work that the Modi administration had accomplished in only ten years. Secondly, it was terrified of losing the Lok Sabha elections.

In an attempt to garner support for the BJP nominee, Dr. Arvind Sharma, the former chief minister, attacked opposition party leaders who had made fun of him by claiming that since he was single, he was ignorant of the issues and requirements of a family.

Khattar touched a nerve with the populace when he said that Haryana’s 2.82 crore people were his family and that it was his duty to look out for them. “I strive for the welfare of all Haryana residents and regard them as my family,” he said.

He made fun of the Congress, saying that its leaders only remembered the family because they were unwilling to go. They were pushing “dynastic” politics, while the BJP was elevating its common workers and treating them with the same dignity as its top brass.

“The Congress also tries to deceive the public in order to further its political agenda. It did not think twice to incite hate and propagate false information, saying that if Article 370 is removed from Jammu and Kashmir and the Ram Temple is constructed, there would be carnage. However, Khattar said that nothing of the like occurred since the public supported the idea.

The former chief minister remarked that the Rohtak seat was the most significant and that this was not your typical election. Every vote will be crucial in the elections because the Congress would stop at nothing to unseat the BJP.

He urged party employees to get in touch with any local voters who had relocated for employment, business, or other reasons. On May 25, it need to be made sure people exercise their franchise.

“We should aim to secure Dr. Arvind Sharma’s victory with over 75,000 votes this time around, as he won the Lok Sabha elections in 2019 with 7,503 votes. Every booth employee must make sure that polling increases by 15% to 20% at each booth in order to meet the goal, he continued.

Speaking about the “Vijay Sankalp” demonstration, Khattar said that the events will be held in all 87 Assembly parts of the state today, with the last three segments to be held on Tuesday. Star candidates would then go to the state to speak at the poll rallies. Among those in attendance were Haryana minister Bishamber Valmiki, Rajya Sabha MP Ram Chander Jangra, former ministers Krishan Murti Hooda and Manish Grover, former MLA Sarita Narayan, state secretary Renu Dabla, state media co-in-charge Shamsher Kharak, and BJP’s Rohtak Lok Sabha poll in-charge Rajeev Jain.

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