Congressman Reacts to PM Modi Being Called “Yugpurush” by V-P Dhankar

Congress MP Manickam Tagore harshly criticized Vice President Jagdeep Dhankar on Monday for comparing Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Mahatma Gandhi. Speaking at the Jain mystic and philosopher Shrimad Rajchandraji’s birth anniversary celebration, the Vice President praised Prime Minister Modi, calling him a “yugpurush” (man of the age) download 2023 11 28t120459.968

“I would like to tell you one thing, the ‘mahapurush’ (greatest man) of the last century was Mahatma Gandhi, the ‘yugpurush’ of this century is Narendra Modi,” Dhankar, the vice president, remarked. “Mahatma Gandhi freed us from the slavery of the British with truth and non-violence, the successful Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi has put the country on the path of progress on which we always wanted to see,” he said.

The Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have one thing in common. The Vice President was cited by news agency PTI as adding, “They have reflected with respect to Shrimad Rajchandraji.” “Such was the greatness of Shrimad Rajchandraji, that he inspired both Mahatma Gandhi and Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” he said.

“Forces that do not accept this country’s ascent and forces hostile to its development are uniting. They enter a new phase if anything positive occurs in the nation. The V-P continued, “This shouldn’t be happening.

“If you compare it with Mahatma it’s shameful Sir, we all know there is a limit to sycophancy now you have crossed that limit, and to be in your chair & position and to be a sycophant does not add value Sir,” Manickam Tagore wrote on social media platform X (formerly Twitter) in response to the vice president’s remarks. Considering that.”


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