Dam project: opposition to the BJP candidate from Padampur

During a protest on Tuesday in Pujharipali village, representatives of 28 villages impacted by the planned Ong river dam project threatened to detach from the BJP candidate running for the Padampur Assembly seat in the next elections.

The protestors also convened a protest gathering at Lakhmara in the Paikmal block, operating under the name “Ong Nadi Bandha Pratirodh Committee.” Gobardhan Bhoy, the BJP’s candidate for Padampur, has allegedly been advocating for the Ong River Dam project.

The incensed locals said that Bhoy had made many speeches in front of the residents in the impacted regions advocating for the project. “Those who openly express their support for him will pay a price. In no village would Bhoy be permitted to provide his agent. Since the BJP candidate is attempting to subject us to the agony of relocation, the people in the area have promised to vote against him, they said.

The committee members said that they will oppose Bhoy by holding protests in each of the 28 impacted villages.

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