Day four of the hunger strike: Jarange-Patil refuses medical attention as his health deteriorates

Shivba Sanghatana president Manoj Jarange-Patil’s health deteriorated on the fourth day of his fifth indefinite hunger strike in protest of Maratha quotas, but he refused to accept medical attention here on Tuesday.

According to an assistant, a medical team examined Jarange-Patil and discovered that, in addition to several pre-existing medical conditions, he is frail, has low blood pressure, is underweight, and suffers from connected diseases.

The aide added that he has adamantly refused to take any medicine or treatment and that he will not end his hunger strike until the government accedes to his demands regarding the Maratha reservation.

After examining him on Tuesday, a government hospital team’s physician said that the Maratha chief was unwilling to accept treatment despite the fact that his health required it urgently.

“I’ll continue to fast… Some are trying to defuse the unrest by charming the Marathas, but this is ineffective. In a short interview with the media, a weary Jarange-Patil said, “The administration has to find a solution to the outstanding requests right now.

“Wait a little more and you will know,” Jarange-Patil remarked in response to a question about state Minister Chhagan Bhujbal’s claim on Monday that the Mahayuti allies’ performance in the Lok Sabha polls was unaffected by the series of agitations in 2023–2024.

In the past, the head of Shivba Sanghatana had threatened to field candidates for every one of the 288 Maharashtra Assembly seats in the October elections if the government did not keep its word.

On June 8, four days after the Lok Sabha election results were declared, Jarange-Patil began a hunger strike in his hometown of Antaravali-Sarati.

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