Deepfake creation with AI is a worry; the public has to be educated by the media: PM

In an effort to educate the public, Prime Minister Narendra Modi warned against the use of artificial intelligence in the creation of deepfakes on Friday, pointing out that this might cause a major catastrophe. He also asked the media to raise awareness of the abuse of this deepfake creation with ai is a worry the public has to be educated by the media pm

Speaking to the media at the BJP’s “Diwali Milan” event at the party’s headquarters in this city, he said that he had not sang in a garba festival since his school days but that he had just seen a video of himself doing so. In a lighter tone, he remarked, even his loved ones are sending the video.

Deepfakes have the potential to trigger a major crisis and perhaps fan the flames of disenchantment in our multicultural society since people prefer to trust media outlets and hold those dressed in “gedua” (saffron) in high regard.

Artificial intelligence-generated deepfakes are giving rise to a new dilemma. During a program when he shared his opinions and asked for help to promote awareness, the prime minister said to media, “There is a very big section of society which does not have a parallel verification system.”

Deepfake videos are artificial media in which the person’s likeness is substituted for the real person in an already-existing photograph or video.

The prime minister said that although a film containing contentious remarks used to come and go, it is now a major problem. Despite the enormous sums of money that went into creating them, he pointed out that even the showing of such films becomes challenging because of the perception that they have denigrated a certain segment of society.

Modi proposed that just as cigarettes have health warnings attached to them, deepfakes should also have disclaimers.

He said that the “vocal for local” campaign has gained traction, pointing out that during the week of Diwali, businesses totaling around Rs 4.5 lakh crore, including those connected to Chhath, were transacted.

Speaking at the Global South conference that India sponsored and spoke in front of around 130 nations, he said that India’s accomplishments during the COVID-19 epidemic had given people hope that the country would not give up. Later, he attended the “Diwali Milan” event.

A nation’s life may be elevated to a higher plane, and he said that India was experiencing this. He urged the media to support the government’s development agenda by emphasizing India’s advantages rather than using any false information.

According to him, ideas about India’s matured economy and society will dominate conversations for the next 25 years, and people will come to terms with how the nation has been developing.

According to him, India is evolving into a more magnificent nation in this period.

He added it is excellent that “Chhath” is now being honored throughout the nation, with many, particularly those from Bihar and eastern Uttar Pradesh, commemorating it in various locations. He said that the growth of electronic media has led to the globalization of celebrations like as Navratri and Durga Puja.

He stressed the need for regular health examinations for journalists, pointing out that they lead hectic and stressful lives similar to politicians and that many of them are very young and susceptible to various illnesses in addition to the virus.


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