Deer Chhatbir Following incidents of foot and mouth illness, Safari closed

The Mahendra Chowdhry Zoological Park’s (Chhatbir Zoo) Deer Safari has been closed due to animal instances of foot and mouth disease (FMD).

Following a positive test for the virus on one of the safari’s sambars, zoo authorities are on high alert. The extremely infectious FMD virus affects ruminants, including deer, buffalo, and cattle. It spreads quickly from animal to animal and via the air.

According to Field Director Kalpana K, this was the location of the last illness epidemic in 2018. There were many dead animals. The veterinary staff and livestock management were on high alert after reports of probable FMD cases in Punjab, having learned from previous experiences. Due to the suspicion that some of the sambars in the safari were exhibiting signs of foot and mouth disease (FMD), prompt biosecurity protocols and preventative measures were implemented. These included closing the safari and keeping tourists out of the enclosures housing other herbivorous animals.

Upon receiving the samples from the symptomatic animals, the Indian Veterinary Research Institute in Bareilly confirmed that the animals tested positive for FMD. The animals in question are being treated by the veterinary staff. As of yet, no deaths have been recorded.

In order to guarantee that the established process for treating cattle and buffalo in villages close to the zoo is followed in addition to immunization to stop the spread of FMD, the zoo management has also written to the Animal Husbandry Department.

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