Delhi MCD will reconvene on January 24 to pick the city's first solo mayor in ten years

Delhi MCD will reconvene on January 24 to pick the city's first solo mayor in ten years

On Tuesday, the Municipal Council will start electing mayors, days after the procedures of the house were disrupted and ended in a riot over not administering oath to elected councillors first. The LG-nominated members and 10 aldermen will take oath first.

Presiding Officer Satya Sharma expressed optimism to PTI that there won't be any untoward incidents during this session of the parliament.

"Nominated members and aldermen will take the oath first, following the agenda. Later, additional participants will take the oath. Since it is their loss, I don't believe the AAP will raise this issue. I have high hopes that we may choose the mayor tomorrow "She said.

Tuesday's election for the mayor and deputy mayor of Delhi is the second municipal house after the recent high-stakes civic elections in the national capital.

The mayor and deputy mayor must be chosen in the very first house to meet after a municipal election, which was unable to occur on January 6 due to a commotion between AAP and BJP members.

The second house has been fully prepared, according to BJP councillor Satya Sharma, who was chosen to preside.

"For Tuesday, we are ready. I've told the LG and his MCD secretary about the commotion from before "Sharma stated, adding that the council members responsible for the conflict on January 6 should pay for the damage.

AAP council members loudly objected to the presiding officer's decision to swear in the 10 alderman before the mayor and deputy mayor during the newly elected MCD council's first meeting on January 6.

Votes were counted after the civic elections on December 4, which were conducted on December 4.

The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has won 134 wards in the elections, ending the BJP's 15-year reign over the local government.

The Congress gained nine seats in the 250-member municipal parliament, which will meet for the second time on January 24 after the 2022 municipal elections, while the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won 104 wards to finish in second place.

AAP is running two candidates for mayor, Shelly Oberoi and Ashu Thakur, with Oberoi reportedly having a better case. Rekha Gupta is the candidate for the position that the BJP has put up.

The candidates for deputy mayor are Aaley Mohammad Iqbal, Jalaj Kumar, Kamal Bagri (AAP) (BJP). Six members of the MCD standing committee will also be chosen during the municipal House vote on January 24, in addition to the mayor and deputy mayor.

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) was established in April 1958, and until it was divided into three distinct municipal organizations in 2012—each with its own mayor—the mayor had significant authority and prestige.

Although it had limited the total number of wards to 250, down from 272 wards earlier, the Centre introduced legislation in 2022 to combine the North Delhi Municipal Corporation (104 wards), South Delhi Municipal Corporation (104 wards), and East Delhi Municipal Corporation (64 wards) into a single entity.

As a result, Delhi will finally have a mayor for the whole city after the mayoral election.

The imposing Civic Center in the heart of Delhi is home to the MCD headquarters.

It started its voyage in 1958 from the famed Old Delhi Town Hall, built in the 1860s, and moved to the posh facility in April 2010.