Delhi police detain a woman who stole and sold expensive autos from Bihar

Following a large operation, a 37-year-old lady who used to sell expensive SUVs in Jharkhand and Bihar—which were likely stolen from other areas of the nation—was taken into custody, a top Delhi Police officer said on Tuesday.

Lovely Singh, a native of Patliputra, Bihar, was named as the culprit.Nine SUVs, including a Toyota Fortuner and a Hyundai Alcazar, were found by the police. According to DCP (East) Apoorva Gupta, the arrest followed the one of Govind who was detained with a pilfered Maruti Brezza in the previous year.

“Govind disclosed that his spouse, Lovely, obtained pilfered high-end automobiles from Delhi and subsequently marketed or provided them to other individuals in Bihar and Jharkhand,” the statement read.

She said that after attempts were made to locate her, a non-bailable warrant was issued against her, and on December 20, 2023, a municipal court in the city declared her to be a proclaimed criminal.

Lovely was taken into custody on April 3 in the Patliputra area, and the Delhi Police got a transit remand for her.

The accused said that she first worked for an insurance firm after earning her B.Sc., where she interacted with people who were engaged in the buying and selling of stolen cars.

She began selling stolen cars with her spouse, Govind. She said that in 2021, she was detained in Ranchi, Jharkhand, in connection with a case involving stolen cars and robbery, according to the DCP.

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