Delhi’s air quality is getting closer to the severe limit

According to monitoring organizations, Delhi’s air quality on Monday morning crept closer to the “severe” category due to calm breezes and gloomy circumstances that trapped delhis air quality is getting closer to the severe limit download 2023 11 27t18112

The main meteorological station in the nation’s capital, Safdarjung Observatory, reported that visibility was just 600 meters at 8 am due to a heavy layer of haze that covered Delhi and its environs. The Indira Gandhi International Airport had 800 meters of visibility.

According to a representative of the India Meteorological Department, a little rise in wind speed and light rain might provide some afternoon respite. According to the official, unfavorable atmospheric conditions are probably going to last for two or three days.

At nine in the morning, Delhi’s air quality index (AQI) was 400.

The average 24-hour AQI was 395 on Sunday, 389 on Saturday, 415 on Friday, 390 on Thursday, 394 on Wednesday, 365 on Tuesday, 348 on Monday, and 301 on November 19. The reading was taken at 4 p.m. every day.

An AQI of 0–50 is regarded as “good,” 51–100 as “satisfactory,” 101–200 as “moderate,” 201–300 as “poor,” 301–400 as “very poor,” 401–450 as “severe,” and 450 and above as “severe-plus.”

Thus far in November, the nation’s capital has had ten days with very poor air quality.

In November of last year, the city recorded only three days with terrible air quality; in November of 2021, it recorded twelve days, the most in the month since the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) started keeping track of such days.

The CPCB reports that there were nine of these days in November 2020, seven in 2019; five in 2018; seven in 2017; ten in 2016; and six in 2015.

A collaborative investigation between the Indian Institute of Technology-Kanpur and the Delhi government found that burning biomass was the main cause of the foul air in Delhi, accounting for between 31 and 51 percent of the capital’s recent air pollution.

The environment minister for Delhi, Gopal Rai, has given the relevant authorities and ministries stern instructions to enforce restrictions on cars that emit pollutants and to monitor the rising number of biomass burning occurrences.


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