Dilip Ray’s candidacy makes the Rourkela BJP camp happy

After the saffron party declared former federal minister Dilip Ray’s candidacy for the Rourkela Assembly seat on Tuesday, jubilation swept through the BJP’s ranks.

Dilip also conveyed his satisfaction and outlined his plans for Rourkela city’s growth. He would guarantee the election to the Rourkela Municipal Corporation (RMC), which has been delayed for twelve years, if he were elected. “I appreciate the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s trust in me. I’m overjoyed. “I am prepared for the challenges that the election will present,” he said.

Dilip promised to keep up his efforts to further the city’s development, promote social harmony, and guarantee that the residents of Rourkela live in a tranquil atmosphere. Speaking about the massive initiatives that the Modi administration started after winning Rourkela in 2014, he said that the Ispat Post-Graduate Institute, Super Speciality Hospital, Rourkela airport, and the second Brahmani bridge on NH-143 are all now operational.

Pooja, Dilip’s spouse, also expressed gratitude to the Rourkela community and the BJP leadership. Hundreds of Dilip’s admirers and well-wishers met him at his home that day. When the BJP leader showed up at the party headquarters here, he was also given a hearty welcome.

Notably, Dilip submitted his resignation from his positions as MLA and BJP leader in November 2018, but it was never accepted. This is his first in-person appearance at the BJP headquarters.

In Rourkela, Dilip will square off against minister and BJD candidate Sarada Prasad Nayak.

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