DMK and BJP get into a verbal altercation over claims that Ram Temple festivities in Tamil Nadu are being restricted

On social media, the BJP and DMK got into a heated spat on the Sunday consecration of the Ram temple. The Tamil Nadu government has prohibited special pujas and “annadaanam” on the day of consecration, according to a statement posted on the X platform by Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, along with a clip from a newspaper. “TN government has prohibited watching live telecast of #Ayodhya Ram Mandir programs on January 22,” the writer stated. There are more than 200 Shri Ram temples in Tamil Nadu.

No puja, bhajan, prasadam, or annadaanam in the name of Shri Ram is permitted at temples supervised by HR&CE. The police are also preventing privately owned temples from hosting gatherings. They’re threatening to take off pandals, according to the organizers. Strongly denounce this vile, anti-Hindu activity.”

Quickly responding to Sitharaman’s accusations against X, Minister for HR&CE PK Sekarbabu said, “The department hasn’t imposed any limitations on devotees’ freedom to offer food, conduct pujas in Shri Ram’s name, or provide ‘prasadam’ in Tamil Nadu temples.” It is regrettable that some in positions of authority, such as Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and others, are deliberately disseminating false information.”

He said the accusations were made to draw attention away from the Salem, California, DMK youth convention. In the meanwhile, copies of letters from different police stations were posted by BJP supporters, refusing the party and a Hindu organization’s permission to hold events on the day of the consecration. Along with others, BJP state president K Annamalai criticized the government for supposedly limiting temple festivities.

The state administration later clarified that the reports about the purported restriction on festivities in HR&CE temples are an effort to bring shame to the Tamil Nadu government and that it is abhorrent to broadcast false information. The government intends to file a lawsuit against the publication that broke the story regarding the purported prohibition on festivities in HR&CE temples.

Sitharaman remarked, “The general public informed me that they (HR&CE) denied permission,” when speaking with media at Madurantakam. Additionally, complaints were made about police threats on believers.

“Despite formally informing the state government about programme schedule for Maduranthakam, a police sub-inspector denied permission to place a TV for watching the Ayodhya event and chased away people citing law and order issue,” Sitharaman remarked in reference to the “disturbances” that occurred at her event on Sunday.

In response to Sekarbabu, Sitharaman denied spreading any rumors. “Copies of the authorities’ rejection were circulated by the public in Sekarbabu’s tweet’s comment area. It is inappropriate to use police force to refuse worshipers permission.”