Due to a loan default, a Pune woman was raped at gunpoint in front of her husband; the accused was detained

A horrible incident involving a 34-year-old lady being reportedly raped at knifepoint in front of her husband has come to light. He had fallen behind on a modest personal debt.

Imtiaz Shaikh, 47, the accused, is said to have granted the victim’s spouse a 40,000 rupee interest-free loan in Hadapsar in February of this year. Shaikh, however, turned to threatening behavior when the couple didn’t pay back the debt.

Shaikh led the couple to a remote area of the Hadapsar government colony in February and demanded the unpaid debt, which they were unable to pay. This was a tragic turn of events. He reportedly grabbed a knife at this point and terrorized the husband before brutally assaulting the wife while filming the horrific event on his phone.

The accused then cruelly shared the footage of the lady being tortured on several social media sites after she refused to perform sexual favors for him.

According to Police Inspector Ravindra Shelake, the victim finally had the confidence to go the Hadapsar Police Station on Tuesday and make an official complaint.

“We located the suspect and detained him yesterday… He was presented to the court, which granted him a two-day hold till tomorrow (Thursday) while continuing its probe, Shelake told IANS.

Even though the crime sent shockwaves across the city, police are also attempting to determine whether the accused had ensnared any further victims and abused them in a similar way.


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