Due to ill health, the BJP’s Annamalai’s delay in Tamil Nadu

Due to K Annamalai’s poor health, the next leg of the Tamil Nadu BJP chief’s “En Mann En Makkal” padayatra has been postponed, the party said on download 2023 10 04t195314.818

The foot march, which was supposed to begin on October 6, has been delayed until October 16, according to the party’s state unit, which also noted that he has been urged to take it easy by his physicians.

It also included a press release from a hospital in the city that said Annamalai had been given a tentative diagnosis of viral lower respiratory infection and bronchospasm (asthma).

It said that he had been given medicine for five days and two weeks of “bed rest”.

According to the report, Annamalai had complained of a cough, trouble breathing, throat discomfort, body aches, and weariness when she went to the hospital on Tuesday.

But the party insisted that the Thursday district presidents’ meeting in Chennai will go on as scheduled.


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