EC Dispels False WhatsApp Message on Lok Sabha Election Schedule: “No Dates Announced Yet”

A bogus WhatsApp message claiming that the Lok Sabha election is slated for April 19 with vote counting on May 22 has been refuted by the Election Commission of India, which has labeled the communication as “fake.”

The electoral commission went on to clarify that a formal news conference would be held to provide the official vote timetable.

“WhatsApp users are sharing a bogus message on the timetable for the 2024 Lok Sabha Elections. #FactCheck: This message is fraudulent. As of right now, #ECI has not released any dates. The Commission releases the election schedule via a press conference, the ECI said in a post on X.

This explanation comes one month after uncertainty was caused by an internal memo that the Chief Electoral Officer’s office in Delhi distributed. The memo indicated April 16 as the provisional “poll date” in order to help authorities expedite their planning.

The office of the Chief Electoral Officer emphasized that the date was merely included as a “reference” so that officials may schedule events in line with the Election Planner that the poll panel had provided.

“Regarding a circular from @CeodelhiOffice, certain media inquiries are surfacing asking whether April 16 is the likely poll date for the Lok Sabha elections. The poll officer’s office had said in a post on X that this date was just included as a “reference” for officials to arrange their actions in accordance with the Election Planner of ECI.

Although the precise date is yet unknown, it is most probable that several stages of voting for a new administration will begin in April and last through May.

The Lok Sabha elections for 2019 were scheduled to take place in seven stages between April 11 and May 19. The dates were revealed on March 10. May 23 was election day.

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