ECI improves the current transfer policy to guarantee impartial polling

The Election Commission of India has tightened its current transfer policy in response to serious reports that State governments are posting or transferring officers to nearby districts within the same parliamentary constituency. This is done to prevent officials from tampering with the elections and ensuring that everyone is treated fairly.

Closing the gaps in the current guidelines, the commission ordered that all States make sure that officers transferred out of the district are not posted within the same parliamentary constituency, with the exception of States/UTs that consist of up to two parliamentary constituencies. The commission made this announcement in a release on Saturday.

The commission’s transfer policy must to be followed in word and spirit, not only by seeming to comply. This has been emphasized once again.

Transfers and postings that have already been made in compliance with earlier directives from the commission are subject to this regulation retroactively.

All officers who have served three years in one location or are stationed in their home district are scheduled to be moved in accordance with ECI policy. This covers all officials involved in electoral activities, whether directly or indirectly via supervision.

The commission has a zero tolerance policy in place for interfering with the fair and impartial conduct of the elections. As you may remember, the commission directed the transfers of several top officials during the five State Assembly elections that were conducted recently.

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