ED claims to have evidence of former TN minister Senthil Balaji’s involvement in the cash-for-job scandal

The Enforcement Directorate is requesting that the court reject the petition filed by former minister V Senthil Balaji to be released from the money-laundering case brought under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act. The Directorate claims that the evidence it has gathered clearly demonstrates Balaji’s involvement in the creation and laundering of criminal proceeds.

The ED said in a counter-affidavit submitted before the Principal Sessions and Special Court for PMLA Cases: “There is no doubt that Senthil Balaji was the mastermind behind the conception and execution of the plot to trade money for job choices. Then, by layering and integration into society through cash deposits and associates for later use in cooperation with the other suspects, the proceeds of illicit activity were laundered.

The ED said, “Therefore, it is categorically denied the allegations that he is being prosecuted ‘to wreak vengeance.” It claimed that the discharge petition is erroneous and unmaintainable because it lacks validity and does not adhere to the legal requirements that allow an accused person to request discharge.

It is shown that Balaji played a “pivotal role,” using his official position as the then-minister of transport for personal benefit via dishonest and unlawful methods, according to the affidavit submitted by Karthik Dasari, deputy director of ED.

He obtained corrupt money directly from the illegal actions connected to the planned offenses. The ED said that he plotted to coordinate a plan with his brother RV Ashok Kumar, personal assistants, and transport department personnel, among other co-conspirators.

The ED said that the former minister could not request discharge in such a case, citing the recent Madras High Court judgment that set a three-month deadline for finishing the trial.

Senthil Balaji’s judicial detention was extended by the Principal Sessions Court on Monday till March 6.

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