Election for the Lok Sabha in 2024: Amit Shah reports that the BJP has secured 310 seats after five phases of voting

Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister, said on Tuesday that the BJP had won 310 seats after the five phases of the Lok Sabha elections were concluded. Encouraging the people of Odisha, Shah demanded an end to the current “babu-raj” and the formation of a federal administration as well as a state government for the BJP.

Speaking at a Sambalpur election rally, where the BJP has nominated Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan as its candidate, Shah expressed optimism that Odisha would see the party’s emblem, the lotus, sprout this election season.

Following the votes’ fifth round, the BJP has now secured 310 seats. When the sixth and seventh polling rounds are completed, we will have more than 400 seats.” Shah went on to say that a “handful of officers” have controlled the state government and promised that this election would bring an end to the current “babu raj” in Odisha. He bemoaned the BJD government’s alleged contempt for Odisha’s pride, language, culture, and customs.

“Naveen Babu has insulted the people of Odiaha by imposing ‘officer raj’ on them,” Shah said. The Chief Minister, Naveen Patnaik, is doing all in his power to “loot mineral resources” from the state.


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