Elections in Karnataka in 2023: Everything You Need to Know About the Hebbal Constituency

Elections in Karnataka in 2023: Everything You Need to Know About the Hebbal Constituency

One of Bengaluru's most renowned seats is the Hebbal assembly district. A large portion of the constituency, which had long been a BJP stronghold until falling to the opposition party in the most recent assembly elections, is made up of tech parks, skyscrapers, flyovers, and lakes. The current MLA is Byrathi Suresh of the Congress party. There is a great need for the Hebbal overpass, which serves as the primary entrance to the city, to be expanded in order to alleviate the ongoing issue of vehicular traffic. Voters in the neighborhood had mostly negative complaints about the traffic. The ring road's easy access to software businesses accounts for the area's high concentration of software workers living in rental homes.

Although the area was once recognized for the Hebbal Lake, it is now recognized for the flyovers that link the Airport Road and NH 44's Outer Ring Road. Hebbal's lake region is renowned for its picnic areas, boating opportunities, and bird viewing. The L&T plant, constructed in the 1970s, is also near to Hebbal. Because of GKVK University, Manyata Tech Park, and several business companies, Hebbal is a good place to invest.

Byrathi Suresh, a current Congress MLA, began his political career in 2012 by joining the MLC. He is Siddaramaiah's close friend and former chief minister. He resigned from his position as MLC to run in the 2018 assembly elections, gaining the seat and ending the BJP's prior winning streak in the district. Dr. YA Narayanaswamy and Hanumante Gowda, candidates for the BJP and JD(S), respectively, earned 53,313 and 14,092 votes, while he won a majority of 74,453 votes.

Byrathi Suresh, a sitting MLA, is standing for re-election, while Subrahmanya Naidu, a veteran of the Congress, will also make an attempt. While Muid Altaf is most likely to get the JD(S) ticket, Dr. YA Narayanaswamy is once again a candidate for the BJP ticket.

There are 2,47,500 voters altogether in this district, including

38,000 Okkaligas

7,500 Lingayat

SC-ST – 34,000

Hindus: 25,000

Islamists: 55,000

5,000 Kurubas

7,000 Yadava

Community of 2,000 Devangas.