Elections to the Lok Sabha in 2024: “Will Maharashtra’s BJP washing machine ever stop spinning?”

The Congress said on Wednesday that the BJP had acknowledged openly that it had imported politicians into Maharashtra via the use of its washing machine. The party gave the cases of Ravindra Waikar, Yamini Jadhav, and Narayan Rane, who were investigated for bribery before joining the state’s governing coalition.

This was said by Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh when he asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi a few questions before his rallies in Maharashtra. “Why has the BJP reduced the rights of Adivasis in Maharashtra to the forests? When will the BJP’s laundry stop whirring? In a post on “X,” Ramesh questioned, “Why has there been a three-fold increase in the death of construction workers in Maharashtra?”

Speaking further on the “jumla details,” Ramesh added that the Congress government’s introduction of the historic Forest Rights Act in 2006 put an end to the lengthy fight of India’s tribal groups. This gave Adivasi and communities living near forests the legal authority to oversee their own forests and profit financially from the forest products they gather. All of this progress was reversed when PM Modi enacted the Forest Conservation Amendment Act last year, he said.

The Forest Rights Act of 2006 is undermined by the new Act, which does away with other legislative criteria for forest clearing in large areas, including the agreement of local people. Naturally, the goal is to let the corporate allies of the prime minister access to our woods,” Ramesh said. He noted that data also demonstrates how the Mahayuti administration has hindered the FRA’s implementation, depriving millions of Adivasis of its advantages.

Ramesh questioned, “Why have Adivasis in Maharashtra been deprived of their forest rights by the BJP and their allies?” Furthermore, he said that the BJP had now acknowledged in the open that it had imported politicians from Maharashtra using its washing machine.

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