Entry of girls in Delhi's Jama Masjid banned, Shahi Imam, said - no restriction for Namaz

Entry of girls in Delhi's Jama Masjid banned, Shahi Imam, said - no restriction for Namaz

The administration of Delhi's famous Jama Masjid has prohibited the entry of girls alone or in groups into the mosque by putting up notices at the main gates. After the controversy started on this decision, the Shahi Imam said on Wednesday that this order is not for the girls coming to offer Namaz. Women's rights activists termed the decision as regressive and unacceptable. Sources in the mosque administration said that a few days back, notices were pasted outside the three main entrances, which were not dated. However, attention has now gone to these. According to the notice, "Admission of girls or girls alone in Jama Masjid is prohibited."

banned due to
While Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) chairperson Swati Maliwal termed it as a violation of women's rights, she said she is issuing the notice, while sources in the National Commission for Women said it has taken suo motu cognizance of the matter and will inform about the action. is deciding. According to Shahi Imam Syed Ahmed Bukhari, the decision was taken after some incidents came to light on the mosque premises. He said, “Jama Masjid is a place of worship and people are welcome for it. But girls are coming alone and waiting for their friends....this place is not for this work. It is banned.

Be it a temple or a gurudwara, it is a place of worship
Bukhari said, “Any such place, whether it is a mosque, a temple, or a gurudwara, is a place of worship. There is no restriction on coming for this work. Today only 20-25 girls came and they were allowed to enter.” In the past too, visitors to the mosque were banned from shooting music videos. An old board at the entrance of the mosque facing the Matia Mahal area reads, "Shooting music videos inside the mosque is strictly prohibited." Sources in the Jama Masjid administration claimed that misbehaving people were stopped. is going on and all women are not being barred.

Is this Iraq?
Maliwal tweeted, “It is completely wrong to ban the entry of women in Jama Masjid. Like men, women also have the right to worship. I am issuing notice to the Imam of Jama Masjid. No one has the right to bar the entry of women in this manner." He said in a video message that it was a "shameful" and "unconstitutional" act. He said, “What do they think? This is not India. Is this Iraq? Are they thinking that no one will openly raise their voice on discrimination against women? No one is above the constitution. We have issued a notice to them for such a Taliban act. We will ensure that this ban is withdrawn.

The commission will have to submit its report by November 28.
In its notice, the commission has sought reasons for barring women and girls from entering Jama Masjid 'without men'. He has also sought information about the people responsible for this. He said, "If the decision was taken in any meeting, please provide a copy of the details." The commission has also sought a detailed action taken report on the matter by November 28. Hitting out at the mosque administration, women's rights activists said the decision goes back several hundred years. Activist Ranjana Kumari said that this is completely unacceptable. He said, “How is this, 10th-century thinking? We are a democratic country, how can they do this? How can they stop women?"

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