Exam mafia in Rajasthan helped a lot of people acquire government jobs: SOG

JAIPUR: According to Special Operations Group (SOG) sources on Thursday, a network of paper leak mafia is accused of using fraud to acquire government posts for a number of persons around the state in recent years.

According to insiders, this became known when government personnel were arrested in connection with scandals involving document leaks. 50 government personnel may have had some involvement in the release of the question papers for the 2022 senior teacher recruitment test, the 2020 JEN exam, and the 2021 police constable recruitment exam, according to a recent evaluation of suspects detained in the REET paper leak by the SOG.

Dalu Ram Meena, who was receiving training at the Rajasthan Police Academy (RPA), was detained by the SOG a few weeks ago on suspicion of using false information to gain selection after a sub-inspector (SI) test fraud.
Rajendra Kumar Yadav (30), another SI, was detained on Tuesday due to his involvement in the JEN 2020 document leak investigation.
According to sources, there is growing proof that the test mafia helped place unworthy applicants in government employment.
In addition to Yadav, the SOG had detained Shivratan Mot, also known as Shiva (30), a librarian, and Harshvardhan Kumar Meena, a suspended patwari; Rajendra Kumar Yadav (50), a government teacher; and another individual called Yadav.
According to authorities, further investigations suggest that people involved may have dishonestly gained selection via illegal ways.
According to a SOG officer, Yadav and Meena’s close relatives had government jobs, which raised questions about their possible participation and is now being investigated.
According to sources who spoke with TOI, it may take some time to fully ascertain the scope of the paper leaks, but the preliminary investigation raises questions about the veracity of the recruiting companies’ assertions about the openness of their testing procedures.
Additionally, according to sources, paper leak syndicates that include Meena as well as individuals like Jagdish Bishnoi, Sher Singh Meena, and Suresh Dhaka have been operating for a number of years and may have been responsible for several test frauds.

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