Experts say geospatial intelligence is essential for enhancing security in the Indo-Pacific area

Experts here on Tuesday said that geospatial intelligence is essential to enhancing regional security in the Indo-Pacific, an area that is both sensitive and a steady economic powerhouse.

They were giving a speech in the nation’s capital at the 14th Indo-Pacific Geo-Intelligence Forum.

The two-day event, based on the theme ‘Resilient Multi-Domain Regional Security’, highlights the combined power of geospatial intelligence, space-based assets, and cutting-edge innovation to tackle emerging threats in the Indo-Pacific, the fastest-growing region of the world, as well as a critical avenue of global trade and commerce.

Nearly half of the world’s population lives in the Indo-Pacific area, which is a powerhouse economically, according to Lt. Gen. Rakesh Kapoor, Deputy Chief of Staff, Army Staff (Information Systems and Coordination).

Geospatial technology is necessary for the military in this area to have a competitive edge over their rivals. The Indo-Pacific region is a rivalry theater.

The majority of the domains—land, sea, air, and space—are global commons for development and progress, but he expressed worry about “adherence to laws and governance.”

According to Lt. Gen. Kapoor, “economic interdependencies lead to symbiotic relationships and strategic patience,” making the Indo-Pacific region both stable and sensitive.

According to the former Chief of Staff of the Indian Army, Gen. VK Singh, the area “contributes to our GDP and trade.”

“Therefore, in order to counter what you see, technologies are required,” he said, emphasizing the need for more collaboration and coordination in order to get a clear picture and the need to use all available resources and geospatial intelligence applications, including data and artificial intelligence.

The Indo-Pacific region spans the US Pacific coast in the east and the Gulf of Oman in the west.

According to Vice Admiral Tarun Sobti, Deputy Chief of Staff of the Indian Naval Staff, “over 50% of the world’s trade” and “90% of India’s trade passes from this region,” highlighting the need to bolster maritime security.

According to him, geospatial intelligence is essential for marine domain awareness because of the alarming recent maritime occurrences.

Lt. Gen. Kapoor continued, saying that the Indo-Pacific region accounts for more than 35% of all cybercrimes worldwide.

He said that the area is seeing an increase in drug use, piracy, illicit fishing, and human trafficking, all of which are causing people to lose their livelihoods.

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