Faridkot: Unfavorable weather might cause problems for farmers and procurement companies

High moisture content in the wheat harvest due to unfavorable weather has caused problems for procurement agencies and commission agents (arhtiyas) in Mandis, in addition to farmers.

The Food Corporation of India (FCI) and the state agencies buy wheat at the minimum support price (MSP) with a maximum moisture content of 12 percent, in accordance with the fair and average quality requirements. Nonetheless, the district’s mandis get wheat products with a moisture level of up to 20%.

Farmers are therefore seen drying their grain in mandis outside.

Deputy Commissioner Vineet Kumar of Faridkot said, “Farmers are delivering a high-moisture wheat harvest in the mandis. Since it cannot be obtained, a glut-like scenario can arise.

We have instructed the District Mandi Officer (DC) to permit the admission of crops with allowable moisture limits into mandis in order to prevent a wheat glut, the DC said.

10,219 metric tons (MT) of wheat have arrived in the grain markets of the district of Faridkot so far. Because of the high moisture content, only 3,079 MT have been obtained out of this.

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