Farmers in Kaithal want gunny sacks and a locked godown

Farmers and arhtiyas in Kaithal’s Solumajra shut down the grain storage godown and chanted anti-government chants, demanding that the Dhand grain market have a sufficient supply of gunny sacks and extra amenities. The government agencies work at this godown to conduct parallel procurement for the Food Corporation of India. Nevertheless, they called off the demonstration and warned to go on if their demands were not satisfied during a meeting with Kaithal DC Prashant Panwar.

The farmers and arhtiyas were headed by Vikas, who claimed that the farmers were being forced to sell their product at the godown since there were not enough gunny bags available at the Dhand grain market. He claimed that they initiated a protest to ensure seamless purchases at the grain market in Dhand.

He said that the grain market closed as a result of this godown’s existence. He and others claimed that procurement at this godown ought to be voluntary. They urged the government to provide more amenities, like shelters, for farmers who must stand in lengthy lines to have their turn.

“The DC has promised the members that the problems would be resolved by Monday. We will demonstrate again if our demands are not honored, and they will meet with him on Monday,” he said.

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