Farmers Protest 100 Days: 'Annadata hai arrogance will crush you', Congress attacks BJP in a shaire style

Farmers Protest 100 Days: 'Annadata hai arrogance will crush you', Congress attacks BJP in a shaire style

Saturday is the 100th day of farmers' protests against the three new farm laws of the Center. The farmers have been protesting continuously since November last year and in their support, the opposition party Congress (Congress) is attacking the central government. He has described the arrogance of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on the completion of 100 days of the Kisan agitation and has said in a poignant manner that his ego will go to waste.

The Congress tweeted on Saturday, writing, 'Be ego-stricken, why should you be so proud? There is a farmer in front, his life is on the palm. What do you want, they will be afraid of tricks. Annadata, the ego will crush you. Along with the tweet, Congress has also released a video. At the same time, another tweet said, 'The Annadata of the country is struggling on the borders of Delhi for the last 100 days. But the dumb-deaf dictatorial regime is not ready to listen to the voice of the Annadata. This dictatorial attitude of the government will be remembered.

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi tweeted, saying, 'whose sons, their sons, have laid nails for them on the border of Delhi. Annadata asks for rights, government should be tortured! ' For the past three months, a large number of farmers from different parts of the country have been living in the three borders of Delhi, Singhu, Tikri and Ghazipur. These farmers mainly include farmers from Punjab, Haryana and western Uttar Pradesh.

Farmers claim, the movement is not ending

Farmer leaders said that their movement is not going to end and they are "growing strongly". This long movement has given a message of unity and has "once again brought the farmers to the fore" and has made a comeback in the political scenario of the country. Rakesh Tikait of the Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) said that they are ready to continue the demonstration as long as needed. Until the government hears us, does not meet our demands, we will not move away from here.

Government and farmers did not reach agreement despite negotiations

Despite several rounds of negotiations between the government and the farmers' unions, the two sides have not yet reached any agreement and the farmers have refused to step back until the repeal of the three laws. The Center is presenting these three agricultural laws made in September as a major reform in the agricultural sector, which will eliminate middlemen and farmers will be able to sell their produce anywhere in the country. On the other hand, the protesting farmers have expressed apprehension that the new laws will end the protection of the minimum support price (MSP) and mandi system, which will make them dependent on the mercy of big corporates.

There is talk on MSP's legal guarantee

Two of the four demands of farmers - increase in electricity prices, withdrawal of fines on burning back and stubble burning - were agreed in January, but talk of repealing all three agricultural laws and legal guarantee of MSP is still pending. According to farmer leaders, however, this movement, which is completing 100 days on Saturday, has earned more than the immediate performance. He says that it has instilled a sense of solidarity among farmers across the country and has recognized the contribution of women in farming.

Maharashtra: Lockdown rules will be given concession or will continue to be strict, may be decided in the meeting of all-party leaders today

Maharashtra: Lockdown rules will be given concession or will continue to be strict, may be decided in the meeting of all-party leaders today

The Maharashtra government imposed a severe Maharashtra lockdown on Monday to stop the second wave of Corona. Except for essential items, other shops are ordered to be closed till the 30th. This has caused resentment among the traders. Traders landed at many places in the state. The Maharashtra Chamber of Commerce has given a warning to open all shops from Monday. The BJP has given its support to the traders. On the other hand, seeing the transition of the corona in the state not decreasing, the working of the state government is being questioned on behalf of the central government.

Amidst these conditions, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray (CM Uddhav Thackeray) has called a meeting of all party meeting today. In this meeting, the status of corona infection, lack of vaccine, relaxation of the ban or a strong lockdown and the 10th-12th examination are to be considered and decided.

Three weeks of lockdown signs

Talking to Tv9, Congress leader and Minister Vijay Vadettivar on Friday indicated the lockdown of three weeks. Apart from them, some other leaders also believe that the weekend lockdown will not control corona. If the lives of innocent people are to be saved, the lockdown will have to be prolonged. There are also some festivals this week, due to which there is a possibility of increasing crowds in the markets. Therefore, many leaders are of the opinion that for at least a week, a strong lockdown should be imposed or else the situation will become more explosive due to increased crowd. As it is, there is a shortage of oxygen and ventilators beds in the state. The vaccine is falling short. Therefore, tightening the rules is the only solution.

While the traders have warned that shops will be opened in any condition from Monday. Now in such a situation, everyone's eyes are fixed on what the state government decides.

What will be the decision on the 10th-12th examination?

There is a constant demand that in view of the crisis of Corona, the 10th-12th examination should be canceled or its date should be extended. Examinations of first to eighth and ninth and eleventh have already been canceled in the state. All these students have been ordered to promote in the next class. Now to see what the state government decides about the 10th-12th examination.

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