Five foreigners are rescued after an avalanche in Gulmarg leaves one dead and another missing

An avalanche that slammed the Gulmarg ski slopes in Jammu and Kashmir on Thursday left one foreign person dead and another missing, according to authorities.

Officials said that on Thursday at 2:00 pm, an avalanche slammed the Kongdoori slopes in the Khilanmarg region, trapping many skiers.

After being saved, five more skiers are receiving medical attention at a nearby hospital.

They reported that the foreigners had visited the ski slopes without the presence of locals.

Rescue-cum-search activities are being conducted by members of the Army and a patrolling team from the Jammu and Kashmir government.

Three skiers who had injuries have been retrieved, one skier has died, and one is still missing. Hearing of the catastrophe prompted the quick launch of a relief and rescue mission. The international skiers’ identities are being investigated, according to authorities.

The Khelo India Winter Games were in progress in Gulmarg prior to the avalanche that hit the area today.

“After the avalanche strikes the Khilanmarg area of Gulmarg, all Khelo India athletes are safe,” said Nuzhat Gull, secretary of the J&K Sports Council. Every match is being played according to the timetable.”

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