Following an undercover operation, Rajasthan Police apprehend three accused in a 12-year-old murder case

Numerous states’ law enforcement agencies carry out a range of activities with the goal of capturing offenders and revealing crimes. These operations can seem like movie scenarios, and the police usually give them interesting titles. One such operation, Operation Lallantop, was recently carried out by the Rajasthan Police under the direction of IG Vikas Kumar. Three suspects in the Phalodi murder case, who had been at large for the previous twelve years, were captured during this operation.

These three people killed the old Sonamukhi factory’s bookkeeper twelve years ago in the vicinity of the Phalodi police station and then took off with around Rs 1.5 lakh in cash. Laldev, Uday, and Ramesh have been identified as the arrested suspects. The Jodhpur Range Police squad caught them after over two months of hard work. The police team’s movie-like execution of the operation enhanced its theatrical flare and guaranteed its success.

Undercover police operatives carefully collected information by disguising themselves as other people and keeping a close eye on the suspects. While keeping an eye on the accused’s activities, some cops appeared to be laborers, while others dressed as coconut salesmen or even as cow or buffalo herders.

Whenever there was intelligence regarding the suspects’ location, other teams were called in to carry out the operation. The accused were hardly small-time offenders; their network stretched from Punjab and Andhra Pradesh to Bihar. In addition to the Phalodi case, they were allegedly connected to the Naxalites and accused of committing other violent crimes, including murder and abduction. A bounty of Rs 40,000 was placed on the heads of all three of the detained persons.

Laldev, Uday, and Naresh, laborers at the Sonamukhi plant in Khichan town of Phalodi police station, killed factory bookkeeper Kojaram while intoxicated and fled with the Rs 1.5 lakh cash that was stored with him, according to IG Vikas Kumar, who spoke to Local18. Since there were no CCTV cameras or cell phones back then, the accused could be apprehended. Additionally, none of their locations, names, or photos were provided.

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