Following elections, Shimla MC will address matters involving unauthorized building

Following the end of the state’s June 1 Lok Sabha elections and Legislative Assembly byelections, the Shimla Municipal Corporation is prepared to take action against the unlawful constructions.

There are now over 1,400 unapproved construction cases in the town pending with the MC; these matters will be handled in the Municipal Commissioner’s court.

In the past, the commissioner’s court heard these matters every Saturday. Due to the impending Lok Sabha elections, the practice has been suspended for the last month, with almost 80% of Municipal Corporation employees working on election-related tasks.

The Shimla Municipal Corporation’s Municipal Commissioner said that the organization was closely monitoring any unauthorized building in the town.

The Municipal Corporation mapped the town using a Geographic Information System (GIS) earlier this year in order to locate unauthorized and unlawful structures around the state capital.

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