Following the exam, the Class 12 Bengal Board Question Paper is posted on social media

Following the exam, the Class 12 Bengal Board Question Paper is posted on social media

On Saturday, more than two and a half hours after the test started, purported photographs of two pages of the Life Science state board exam's question paper leaked on WhatsApp.

The exam's organizer, the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education, said that this was not a paper leak and instead was a malicious act.

The question paper must have been leaked by vested interests long after the exam had started, when it was virtually over, according to Council President Chiranjib Bhattacharya.

What's the big issue if the photos are sent 2.5 hours after the test began? At that time, candidates may exit the exam room. If someone takes a photo of two pages outside the testing center and posts it on social media, it has no bearing on how the exam was administered, Bhattacharya told PTI.

He urged the "mischief makers" to stop playing such "childish pranks" and aid in the efficient administration of the current tests in the best interests of all candidates.

Bhattacharya continued by saying that the usage of Radio Frequency Devices in some of the more than 200 important venues as well as CCTV monitoring at 2349 locations made it almost impossible for question paper leaks to occur.

He said that the Council is still on watch.

The biggest concentration of sensitive locations is in Malda, which is spread across many districts.

Bhattacharya said that the Council was investigating the origin of the question paper's WhatsApp distribution and will provide a report to the government.

This year, in 2019 and previously, there were instances of question paper photos being shared on WhatsApp during the class 10 state board exams, but this is the first time in recent memory that a similar occurrence occurred during the higher secondary (HS) test.

West Bengal's HS examinations started on March 14th.