For Delhi-NCR, good news! Train Namo Bharat will currently operate till

More effort is being put into planning the Namo Bharat train’s route from Duhai to the Modinagar North station in Ghaziabad. The safety examination of the second portion is finally finished. Although it would take some time to complete the station’s construction, the train was originally scheduled to stop at Meerut South station. Plans are presently in place to restrict operations to the 17-kilometer section that leads up to Modinagar North station in light of this.

The CMRC may allow train service on the second stretch this week. The Namo Bharat train now runs passenger service along a 17-kilometer section between Sahibabad and the Duhai depot.

This segment comprises the following stations: Duhai, Ghaziabad, Guldhar, Sahibabad, and Duhai Depot. Prime Minister Narendra Modi opened the main part in October. Currently, the train is doing a trial run from Duhai to the Meerut South station. The second portion is twenty-five kilometers long. Muradnagar, Modinagar South, Modinagar North, and Meerut South are the stations in this sector. Both the Muradnagar and Modinagar stations are running. Construction of the station’s entrance and exit gates is going quickly.

Trial runs are used to assess the suitability of train equipment. Throughout their whole length, the trains in this stretch operate at different speeds. Trials are being conducted for train signaling, overhead supplies, and platform screen doors (PSD). As of right now, no fault was found. A rail safety examination is now being conducted on section two. It should take two or three days to complete.

After the rail safety inspection is finished this week, authorization to run the train on the second segment may be acquired. After that, a date will be chosen for the inauguration. ANISRTC has started preparing with this in mind. Sources say it will be officially opened in eight to ten days.

The train has been operated on the main track of RRTS since October. Trains operate on this segment from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. Every day, around three thousand people travel by rail. Once the train arrives at Modinagar, it will carry an additional passenger. Namo Bharat will trail Ghaziabad in Meerut. After that, it will operate in Delhi. Right now, building is moving swiftly in Meerut and Delhi. The Rapid track in Meerut City will also be used by Metro. Meerut Metro has reached the Duhai depot.

It’s possible that Prime Minister Narendra Modi may introduce a second Namo Bharat segment. Preparations are also underway for the arrival of the Prime Minister. Therefore, a few days before, Meerut Commissioner Selva Kumari J. had also inspected the Duhai depot. There are rumors that government and NCRTC representatives would soon be in this region to assess the route. Every day, the Namo Bharat train transports over 3,000 people.

There are 17 kilometers between Duhai and Modinagar North Station. Past this location is Meerut South Station. There isn’t much left at Meerut South station, despite the NCRTC’s initial aim to just operate the train there. The train may now continue to Modinagar North station under such circumstances. The train will go through each of the district’s seven stops starting in the second week of March. It will thereafter start operating along a 34-kilometer stretch of Ghaziabad in this manner.

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