Former DGP Rajesh Das is accused of trespassing and intimidating a security officer by the Energy Secretary

Energy Secretary Beela Venkatesan filed a complaint with the Kelambakkam police on Monday, alleging that former DGP Rajesh Das, who was found guilty of sexual harassment, had broken into her Thaiyur home on Saturday and threatened the home’s security guard. Das was found guilty in that case.

She filed a complaint with the police, alleging that Das and ten other people broke into the Thaiyur home on Saturday, beat the security officer, stole his phone, and made him clean the restrooms. In accordance with IPC sections 143, 448, 454, 352, and 506(i), the police filed a complaint.

The power service connection was in Venkatesan’s name, but neither Das nor Venkatesan were presently staying on the premises, according to the authorities.

Das had complained about Tangedco’s executive engineer in Chengalpattu district on Monday, demanding that his energy connection be restored right away. He argued that because he is a “permanent resident” of his Thaiyur home, cutting off his supply was against the law. “Monday, without any prior notice, some employees came to my house in Thaiyur, Kelambakkam, and disconnected the electricity,” Das said to TNIE.

Das said he has been living in the home since 1999 and has the property registered in his name, notwithstanding Venkatesan’s claim in her lawsuit that the property belongs to her.

He said that Venketesan ordered the power supply to be switched off, and he sent SMS complaints to DGP Shankar Jiwal and the executive engineer. “I told Tangedco authorities that Beela Venketesan and I were still in the middle of a divorce. I emphasized that authorities must follow legal processes and highlighted that her directions to the electrical board are a consequence of this personal quarrel,” he stated.

According to TNIE, a senior Tangedco officer, when workers went to turn off the electricity, they questioned Das for any documentation proving he was a permanent resident. Still, he declined. With no other choice, we carried it out. He has not yet provided any proof as of yet. It was not possible to get in touch with Beela Venketesan for a response.

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