Former MP seeks compensation for Sirsa’s crop loss

Dr. Sushil Indora, a Congress politician and former member of parliament, has asked the government to pay the district’s farmers immediately for the crops that were destroyed by hailstorms.

Dr. Indora said that it is clear that this administration is all about making fake promises since despite its claims to be farmer-friendly, not a single word has been mentioned about the crops destroyed by hailstorms. According to Indora, the government first severely damaged farmers’ confidence in order to enrich insurance corporations under the pretense of the crop insurance program. He said that while the farmers’ accounts were debited for the insurance money, the insurance firms did nothing to compensate them.

Dr. Indora said that the government had also harmed the general public and commerce by interfering with the peaceful demonstrations of farmers standing up for their rightful claims.

He remarked that because the MSP was the farmers’ prerogative, the central government should accommodate their requests without being obstinate and settle the dispute amicably.

Additionally, he chastised the government for assaulting bordering farmers who were defenseless. Dr. Indora said that merchants and the general public have suffered large losses as a result of the Internet outage. The enlightened citizens of the country and the state have comprehended the actions of this government well and are eagerly awaiting the Lok Sabha and Vidhan Sabha elections to remove this government from power, he said. “The government wants to intimidate the public by shutting down the Internet and roads.”

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