Four convicts in the Soumya Vishwanathan murder case were given life sentences by the Delhi court instead of the death penalty

Four of the men found guilty in the 2008 murder of TV journalist Soumya Vishwanathan received life sentences in jail, while the fifth man received a three-year term from a Delhi court on Saturday.

The court denied the request for the death sentence, stating that the offense did not qualify as one of the “rarest of rare” situations.

Amit Shukla, Amit Kapoor, Ajay Kumar, Baljeet Malik, and Ravi Kapoor have all been given life sentences, while Ajay Sethi has been given a three-year prison term.

The court deferred the decision about sentence quantum on Friday.

On October 18, the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) was used in the convictions of Kapoor, Shukla, Kumar, and Malik, and Sethi for receiving stolen goods.

Vishwanathan was shot and killed on September 30, 2008, on the Nelson Mandela Marg while driving home from work.

Since March 2009, the defendants have been detained after being taken into custody in relation to the murder. The police utilized the severe MCOCA against the defendants, claiming that robbery was the reason for her death.

Malik, Kapoor, and Shukla had already been found guilty in the 2009 assassination of Jigisha Ghosh, an IT executive. The trial court gave Malik a life sentence and condemned Kapoor and Shukla to death for killing Ghosh. The next year, the high court maintained Malik’s life sentence in the Ghosh murder case but modified the death sentences of Kapoor and Shukla to life in prison.