Four people are murdered when a residential structure in Shastri Nagar, Delhi, catches fire

Early on Thursday, a large fire broke out in a residential structure in the Shastri Nagar neighborhood of Shahdara, Delhi, killing two married couples and two children by asphyxia, according to authorities.

According to them, Manoj (30), his wife Suman (28), and two kids, ages three and five, have been identified as the victims.

“The hospital informed us that four individuals—a married couple and two children—had suffocated to death. “There is an ongoing investigation,” a top police official said.

At about 5.20 am, according to the police, they got a call reporting a large fire in Shahdara’s Shastri Nagar neighborhood. Without delay, the Delhi Fire Service was notified. According to the officer, a local police squad, four fire tenders, ambulances, and PCR vehicles were sent to the scene immediately.

According to the police, there is a ground floor car park and four levels in the building where the fire started.

According to reports, the structure was completely enveloped in smoke when the fire broke out in the parking lot.

Despite the street’s tight layout, fire authorities were nevertheless able to get to the scene and put out the fire. Every floor was inspected and searched. The officer reported that two children, four women, and three adults had been admitted to the Hedgewar hospital.

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