Government of Rajasthan cancels all medical staff’ leaves due to an increase in heat stroke cases

May 22, Jaipur The Rajasthan Medical and Health Department on Tuesday advised all medical staff to report back to work instead of taking a leave of absence due to the increasing number of stroke patients in the state.

Officials said that all information about leaves and their approval must be sent to the Medical and Health Directorate. The workers will only be permitted to take absences under exceptional circumstances with permission from the competent level.

The Directorate released a circular announcing that the leaves of physicians, nurses, and paramedical staff had been cancelled and that they were instructed to make arrangements for the prevention and treatment of heat stroke on the orders of Additional Chief Secretary, Medical and Health, Shubhra Singh.

According to Dr. Ravi Prakash Mathur, Director of Public Health, offices would have control rooms that are operational around-the-clock per the directives in the circular. The hotline number 1070 and the toll-free lines 108 and 104 may also be used in an emergency.

He said that there have been instructions to publicly publicize these hotline lines.

Orders have also been made to guarantee that heat stroke patients have beds reserved in all hospitals, that the required medications and testing facilities are available, and that there are enough ice packs, ice cubes, and other cooling materials available.

In addition, it must be made sure that ambulance air conditioners are operating properly and that the supplies of medication and medical equipment needed for emergency care are on hand.

Employees of ASHA have been directed to conduct significant IEC (information, education, and communication) initiatives to raise public awareness about heat and heat stroke prevention. In addition, it is necessary to guarantee that medical kits are available at MNREGA locations and that hospitals have access to power and water.

Officials have said that daily submissions of information on the arrangements must be provided to the Directorate in the specified manner.

The Met Department has issued a severe heat wave warning for the next two days, during which certain sections of the state might see temperatures as high as 46 or 47 degrees Celsius.

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