Govt being harsh with the mining mafia, frustrating two MLAs: CM Sukhu

The district’s two MLAs were irritated with the state government’s stern stance against the mining mafia. In the Barsar Assembly constituency here today, Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said that they were not abiding by mining regulations and were themselves members of the mafia.

Sukhu was doing campaign work for two Congress candidates: Subhash Chand Dhatwalia for the Barsar Assembly byelection and Satpal Raizada for the Hamirpur Lok Sabha seat. In addition to betraying the Congress administration, he claimed that former MLA ID Lakhanpal had violated the mandate that the Barsar people had given him fifteen months before.

He claimed that Raizada had been nominated by the Congress for the Hamipur Lok Sabha constituency, while Dhatwalia had been put up for the Barsar Assembly byelection. He asked everyone to make sure that the security of Lakhanpal was forfeited and that Dhatwalia and Raizada won by wide margins. He continued by saying that in spite of Lakhanpal’s treachery, the government had approved development projects in the Barsar constituency totaling more than Rs 500 crore.

Sukhu said that the Congress will keep all of its promises to the public. The majority of the assurances made before to the most recent Assembly elections, he said, had been carried out, including the reinstatement of the old pension plan (OPS) and the monthly pension of Rs 1,500 for women. The other assurances, he said, will also eventually be fulfilled.

The chief minister said that Anurag Thakur, the BJP candidate for the Hamirpur Lok Sabha seat and a Union minister, has neglected to bring up state and constituency matters in Parliament. He continued by saying that the Agniveer Army recruiting system was unacceptable and that, should the Congress be elected into power, it would be discontinued. He said, “There is a wave of change in the country,” and he asked voters to support Raizada.

Raizada had earlier said that despite Anurag Thakur’s four consecutive victories, the voters in the Hamirpur seat felt ignored. He pleaded with the electorate to give him an opportunity to help them. Manjit Singh Dogra and Viru Ram Kishore, two former MLAs, were also present along with Rajesh Dharmani, the minister of technical education.

Money taken from traitors is theirs: CM

Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said on Tuesday that the Rs 55 lakh that security guards in Barsar had seized belonged to MLAs who had defected.
Speaking at public gatherings in Chamboh and Lambloo, Sukhu claimed that the government has put in place strict security measures to prevent the smuggling of cash.

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