Great relief that the Tikri border has opened

Considering the difficulties commuters were experiencing as a result of the blockage at the Delhi-Haryana borders, the Delhi and Jhajjar Police made the significant decision to open one lane each on both sides of the highway at the Tikri border today.

In the evening, the police began dismantling cement barriers from both sides of the roadway near the border with Tikri. It is anticipated that four-wheelers from both sides would be allowed to cross the border by late at night.

For more over ten days, the Tikri border has been blocked in anticipation of the Punjabi farmers’ march into Delhi. To keep the farmers out of the nation’s capital, the government built concrete barriers around the boundary. Additionally, strict security measures have been put in place around Bahadurgarh town’s perimeter.

“We are creating one lane each on both sides of the roads at the borders of Tikri and Jharoda Kalan, which link the district of Jhajjar in Delhi with Haryana. In consideration of the difficulties travelers are experiencing, the decision was made with approval from our Delhi colleagues, according to Dr. Arpit Jain, SP, Jhajjar. In order to facilitate commuter travel, he stated that Dhansa, another Delhi border that connects Jhajjar via Badli village, has also been opened. Initially, one lane will be made available for cars on both sides. The issue is being evaluated, and additional action will be made in this area based on the needs. In this respect, we communicate with the Delhi Police on a regular basis,” the SP said.

In light of the continuing agricultural protest, Jain also urged the public to abide by the traffic routes rules that the district police had posted on social media.

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