Gunman in charge of the grenade assault on the intelligence center of the Punjab Police was apprehended: NIA

Gunman in charge of the grenade assault on the intelligence center of the Punjab Police was apprehended: NIA

An agent of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) said on Wednesday that a terrorist who was the primary shooter in the grenade assault on the Punjab Police intelligence headquarters in Mohali last year had been detained in Uttar Pradesh.

According to a federal anti-terror agency spokeswoman, Surakpur, Jhajjar district of Haryana resident Deepak Ranga was apprehended from Gorakhpur early on Wednesday.

According to the source, Deepak Ranga has been hiding out since the RPG assault on the intelligence headquarters in Mohali in May of last year.

"Lakhbir Singh Sandhu, also known as "Landa," a Canadian gangster who converted to terrorism, and Harvinder Singh Sandhu, also known as "Rinda," a Pakistani gangster who switched to terrorism. In addition to his participation in the May RPG assault, he has also participated in a number of other horrific terrorist and criminal offenses, such as murders, "added the spokeswoman.

The official said that Rinda and Landa have been actively providing him with financial and logistical assistance for terrorism.

On September 20 of last year, the NIA registered the case on its own initiative after it came to light that terrorist organizations and overseas terror elements were collaborating with the heads and members of organized crime gangs operating in the country's northern states to commit targeted killings and violent crimes.

According to the spokesperson, "it had come to light that the terror-gangster-drug smuggler network was also engaged in smuggling terrorist hardware such as arms, ammunition, explosives, IEDs, etc. across border through a vast inter-state network of gunrunners, illegal arms and ammunition manufacturers and suppliers, and explosive traffickers."

The Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act has led to the arrest of 19 leaders or members of various organized criminal gangs, two arms suppliers, and a significant financier associated with the network, according to the NIA. These arrests have taken place since the registration of three criminal cases against the terror-gangster-drug smuggler networks.

The Ministry of Home Affairs designated Arsh Dalla, who resides in Canada, as a "individual terrorist" on January 9, according to a spokesperson. The spokesperson also added that additional action to break up the infrastructure and network of the terror-gangster-smuggler nexus would be intensified soon.