Haji Karam, undefeated at 102, encourages young people to play cricket

Reasi native Haji Karam Din keeps raising the bar for doing the impossibly difficult. Haji, who is 102 years old, doesn’t allow his age stop him from being active. He plays cricket and motivates new players who want to follow in his footsteps and succeed in the sport.

Haji, who turned 100 years old this past weekend, participated in the second round of the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 and was born in 1922. He has inspired so many people, including his family, that when he bats with a pad, they all applaud.

“I like playing cricket a lot. I force my youngster to play cricket as well. I came here to see the children’s play.Nobody in my age group is here; they’ve all died away,” Haji said.

Mohamad Nadeem, the son of Haji, expressed his joy at seeing his father descend to the ground and teach the children about the sport.

“My father has taught me a lot, and it feels nice to learn from him. He instructs us on how to bowl, and he reprimands us if we leave the game to chase a duck. Along with other kids, he provides us advice,” Nadeem said.

Asim, the grandson of Haji, is striving to play for the Indian squad in order to fulfill his grandfather’s goal.

“Both my father and grandpa have the same desire of me playing for the Indian team. I’ve been putting in a lot of effort and attempting to fulfill it for a long time. Asim said, “He still descends to the earth and imparts valuable knowledge to us.

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