Health Concerns Reported By Trapped Workers In The Uttarkashi Tunnel: Supplies And Medications Rush In

Concerns over the health of the 40 people who have been stuck in Uttarakhand for more than 80 hours after the tunnel collapsed on Sunday have been voiced under the difficult circumstances. According to media sources, some of the detained people have reported minor health difficulties including headaches and nausea, which was communicated by Uttarkashi’s Chief Medical Officer, RCS Panwar, on 105195377 11zon

Essential medications, multivitamins, glucose, and dried fruits are being given to the besieged men via a six-inch conduit as part of ongoing efforts to promote their well-being. To make sure the people inside get the resources they need, the authorities are not stopping at anything. A six-bed temporary hospital has also been established next to the tunnel as part of the preparations for the ultimate rescue, as reported by Indian Express.

On Wednesday, health practitioner B S Pokhriyal conducted a conversation session via the pipe with the ensnared workers. Nevertheless, the talk was short since oxygen is supplied via the same pipe. Pokhriyal listed a some of the health problems that the stranded people were dealing with, such as nausea, migraines, anxiety, and gastritis.

In response to these difficulties, antiemetic drugs and food items including puffed rice, chickpeas, and dry fruits have been sent. The hardworking laborers said that while they must go more than a kilometer via the tunnel, they have access to water and power.

In order to provide those in need with extensive medical treatment, plans have been prepared to transport critical patients to AIIMS Rishikesh as rescue attempts continue. The joint endeavors of healthcare providers and law enforcement agencies are designed to attend to the health needs of those who are stranded and enable a secure and effective extraction process.

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