Heartfelt paintings: Guv at Gaiety

Here today, Governor Shiv Pratap Shukla opened the eleventh “Ekadash” art exhibition. The Artist Council of India (ACI) hosted the show in Shimla’s famed Gaiety Theatre.

The Governor noted that the paintings on display were more than simply beautiful pieces of art; they were windows into the brains and emotions of the artists themselves, and each one of them conveyed a different tale and a spectrum of feelings.

Eleven artists from different states have their works on display throughout the five-day art event.

Shukla continued, saying that art is a mirror of our ideas, emotions, and surroundings and that it is a global language that cuts across borders and unites us all.

He remarked, “Every painting on exhibit here is a testament to laborious effort and the capacity to convey the intricacy and beauty of life on canvas.”

He continued by saying that the ACI has made a priceless contribution to enhancing the cultural environment and motivating the next generation of artists.

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