Highlighting ‘Nari Shakti’, PM’s Mann Ki Baat would not air for three months due to the general election

Ahead of International Women’s Day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed women farmers in a special “Mann Ki Baat” episode, praising their outstanding contributions to the growth of the country.

In light of the approaching general election, Modi declared on the 110th episode of the monthly Mann Ki Baat show that there will be a three-month temporary hiatus from it.

The Sunday program’s themes included women’s empowerment in agriculture, natural farming and water conservation, technology, wildlife conservation, and the Election Commission’s drive to get new voters to cast ballots.

During lengthy talks on the critical role that women play in many fields, including agriculture, the Prime Minister spoke with Sunita Devi and Kalyani Prafulla Patil, showcasing their inspirational stories and creative agricultural projects.

He emphasized the need for equal opportunity for women and acknowledged the role of women to the growth of the nation. Modi spoke with Sunita Devi, a woman who uses drones for agriculture, and other inspirational women in a variety of industries. “Every village is talking about Drone Didi so much these days,” he said.

Sunita Devi, a resident of Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh, spoke over the phone about her experience becoming a “Drone Didi” after her training at a nearby IFFCO business in Allahabad. Even though Sunita had never used a drone before, she studied the nuances of drone operations and how they are used in agriculture. She emphasized how important drones are to crop management, particularly in the rainy season when they help with pesticide application and reduce labor-intensive tasks.

In a similar vein, Kalyani Prafulla Patil, a M Sc microbiology graduate, switched to farming in her community with a focus on water conservation and ecological agricultural methods. Kalyani’s creative strategy includes rainwater collection projects in government buildings to replenish groundwater and organic pesticide sprays derived from native flora.

The empowerment of women in traditionally male-dominated professions, including as agriculture, was emphasized by PM Modi. In addition to praising their tenacity, commitment, and revolutionary contributions to sustainable farming methods, he emphasized the need of honoring and celebrating the accomplishments of female farmers on International Women’s Day.

The prime minister said that as Sunita and Kalyani represent the spirit of women’s empowerment in agriculture, many women all around the nation find inspiration in their tales.

The Prime Minister related the tale of Odishan couple Jayanti Mahapatra and Biren Sahu, who founded the Manikastu Goat Bank. Through the scheme, farmers are given goats to raise for two years, which helps them raise more goats and increase their income.

The prime minister also discussed the importance of maintaining regional languages and traditions and recognized those who are doing so. He spoke about how the Gojri and Wancho languages were preserved and promoted in Mohammad Manshah, Jammu and Kashmir, and Banwang Losu, Arunachal Pradesh, respectively.

Modi spoke on the role that technology plays in protecting animals. He outlined programs that monitor and safeguard animals using smartphones, drones, and artificial intelligence. The initiatives in Chandrapur, Maharashtra, to lessen human-tiger confrontations were specifically highlighted.

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